If SHTF are You Ready?

The term prepare means to get ready. For some it means be prepared for a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake. For others its fear of terrorist act, or worse. What could be worse? How about a pandemic, or economic failure of the United Stats monetary system. When you say that to someone they look at you like a kook. And if it happened they'd look to you for help. This little blog is about Preparing at Walmart. I shop at Walmart and in doing so I spend $5 to $25 extra each time to Prepare. This blog is about doing just that. A few extra bucks and a little extra time and if "SHTF" you might be ready. Will you be ready - in time?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yes $18 on 12 Gauge

Wow one of the roll backs I heard about on the gun forum was Wal Mart lowering its 12 Gauge clay \ bird shot to $18.00 per 100 round box.  I didn't believe it, but it was true.  They also rolled back the 45 ACP to 17.97 like it was before the price increase a few months back.  Great bargains.

A case of 12 Gauge clay shot for $45?  Seriously where are you going to beat that price.  Ok I know you have to buy 3 boxes of 100 to exceed that case but still $54 plus tax for more than a case of 12 Gauge Federal or Winchester ammo?  This was the best deal in the house.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It taste good.  It can be combined with a crust to make a pie.   It takes 3 cups of milk for the $1.05 container to make 4 decent servings of pudding.  The milk could be a hard thing to produce unless you stock up on some dried \ powder milk which I do and to which Wal Mart has a decent price on compared to say Costco.  The calorie content of those 4 servings with whole milk would be helpful if you are trying to make sure you get the extra calories.

Also I bought another $2.98 box of very small granola type bars created for the generic Wal Mart brand.  Man these are small - 18 though in a package.   18 more minimal servings to help out if needed and at less than 20 cents each.   I'm all about the "most" for the "least" amount of money.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Problem worth Noting

The news today out there is ugly.  Headlines about the stock market collapse, world economy issues, recession looming and all.  A saw a lot of hype on some web sites, but then I visited Home Depot (not Wal Mart) today.  The shelves were full, and employees were as helpful as always.  The prices were good, and many discounts were available.  I commented:  "Its about like last year."

Now that isn't what I wanted to write about though since my last trip to Wal Mart presented an "issue" that was worth noting.  Or as Problem as I said in the heading.  The expiration dates on many of the goods I picked up at Wal Mar this past week were very very short lived.  The gallon of milk barely had 10 days to go and they usually have 3 weeks.  A few meat items I got were two weeks out max, and that just isn't the norm.  Take from it what you will, but there was a big difference in this past trip.  I noticed the same at Costco, and had to put a few items back due to their bulk and expiration dates (only a few weeks away).

Be careful what you buy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Guns and Wal Mart

Well I know a blog goes across the California State line, and that more readers are outside of California in it, but that is all I have to go on.  Anyone with a Wal Mart or similar store in their neck of the woods please chime in.  All I can comment on is California's Wal Mart stores that I shop in.  I have only visited 3 different one's. 

My stores do not sell guns.  My stores do sell ammunition, and I enjoy getting a few ammunition variants at my Wal Mart store.  The two leading candidates for my money are 100 rounds of bird shot 12 gauge for $22.97.   This is basically clay or practice rounds, but its good for Dove and other small birds.  It would also work on Rattle Snakes and a variety of critters that are quite edible.  Most of the gun shops I frequent online and in real can't match this price.  Most of them want to sell 250 round cases which is a far greater investment then I want to spend every few weeks.  This is why I like this package at Wal Mart.  100 rounds does not break my budget.  I've added it to my purchase group before just because - meaning jsut because it was there and I had the money available.

Now recently Wal Mart increased the price of Federal 45 Ammo 230 GR FMJ ammunition from 16.97 to 18.xx and I want to say its 18.97.  In terms of buying a 1,000 rounds it means $380 plus tax and it use to be $340 plus tax.  There are numerous places online you can buy a 1,000 rounds for $350/$375 delivered and the tax is significant.  California is likely to change the tax rules on us quite soon anyway.  They hate losing a dollar to an out of state Sale.  Once that change is made its likely the Wal Mart price on 45 ACP ammo of this nature will remain good.  I saw a Winchester Box of 100 rounds for $32.97 at my Wal Mart this past week. 

The Wal Marts I have visited also carry 22 LR ammunition, 9mm, 223, 357, 44 magnum, and a variety of others.  Their selection is good.  The 22 LR typically comes in bricks of 500 to 555 rounds for less then $20.00.  Again this isn't bad.  There is a retailer out there selling a case of CCI 22 LR ammunition for $159.  That is a better deal, but again you must spend the extra at one time. 

PrepperMart as I like to call this is about spending a little at a time and still saving.  Wal Mart is making that possible for me.  I'd like to spend $159 on a case of CCI but that is all I am going to spend for groceries in two weeks.  I'd rather spend $20 on a brick at Wal Mart with the groceries and not go for two weeks without new food purchases. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get in and Out

For what ever the reason I wanted to be quick today at Wal Mart.  It wasn't like a practice run for SHTF or anything but I wanted to know how long it'd take me to stock up on the normal supplies I get.  It still took me 21 minutes. 

There was a little inflation today.  Fresh salad was up, and some of the meat seemed a little higher (I only buy chicken and frozen stuff at Wal Mart). 

My storage container, the 18 gallon piece, was up from 4.88 to $5.67.  Oh well.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When's your last Calorie Count?

If we suffered a "SHTF" devastating blow to our nation and had to depend on what we have in the hampers - how long would you survive?  I honestly thought I survived a lot longer.  In several posts below I've noted how some items have decent calorie counts and others not so much.  To survive you will need 1200/1500 calories a day and more if you are going to be working hard.  If you must trek to a water source (like I would), garden, hunt, and stay awake more hours to stand guard then 2,000 calories a day makes sense.

So have you added up all the calories in your hamper?  When I started this I felt like there was 45 to 60 days worth of food in my cupboards but its not so.  When I started adding calories I would be rationing 1200 calories a day for just 30 days at most.  As I previously posted I'm working up to 90 days and really want to reach 115 because I figure it will take that long to grow some replacements.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another $90 Spree

Today was time for my routine travel to Wal Mart.  We had a small family outing over the last weekend which prevented an earlier trip.   My trip costs $90 and the only two non food items I got was TP and one of my storage containers that I've raved about in previous posts.  Together those were less then $18 so clearly I was stocking up on food.

A new item I was happy to find was powdered milk.  Its a staple for any good survival preparation and I had none.  Its not something I've wanted to put away and thought it was always over priced.   Well today I read the details on a package at Wal Mart and bought it for $6.98.  It was one of their "off brand" packages (meaning cheap) and was good for 10 quarts.  That is 2.5 gallons of milk for $7.  This is roughly $2.80 a gallon for milk and I paid $2.90 for a gallon from the cooler.  That savings would not be worth switching to powdered milk for me, but as a staple to set aside in preparation I have found what I wanted.   This item compared to a product at Costco is most favorable.  The Costco product has a longer shelf life, but is 250 servings or cups.  This is 40 cups at 1/10th the cost.  The same amount of money would be 400 cups vs the Costco product at 250.  

I stock up on really basic energy bars.  To me the less expensive in this category the better.  A new item I found was an 18 pack for $2.98.  Less then $.17 per bar and each is roughly 80 calories.  This is far better then the brand pieces I had been buying at $2.38 for 8. 

Later this week I'll post an update about three survival staples.   Beans, Rice and Pasta.   These don't work for Wal Mart - at least not for me.